Art wish list: Stuff I really need or want!

Stuff I need:

– A guillotine: I wanna cut paper for precisely! I hate cutting it with scissors…

-A bigger pack of crayola color pencils: I got the pack of 24, it still isn’t enough!

-Sketchbooks: I dunno why, but I’m very picky about what kinda sketch book I use for curtain stuff. Like, I always need a study sketchbook, a cartoon sketchbook, a colorpencil sketchbook ect… ect…

-Watercolor paper: I need more of it, and better quality stuff since I’m running low on stock since i did a few paintings.

-More watercolors: I just wanna experiment with more colors, and types of paints, and to get better at the medium!

Stuff I want:

-A light box: Tracing paper exists, so it’s not like I can’t transfer my sketches, it’d still be nice to have a light box tho

-Guoach: I’d love to experiment with this, it’d be totally up my alley, but it’s expensive an I already have my watercolors

– Holbein color pencils: Supposedly the best color pencils around, I’d love to try them someday!

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